A Fancy Marketing Strategy is Not Needed

June 5, 2019

For 95% of entrepreneurs and for people just starting out, thinking too much about your marketing strategy is a waste of time.

I was on the phone with a customer, and the problem they were trying to discuss with me was how to create an avatar for their customers.

If avatar is unfamiliar to you, an avatar is a description of the ideal customer. You may have heard personae or some other noun. They mean the same thing. 40 year old executive woman, with a young family who doesn't have time to research the best product. That's an avatar.

I asked why they were trying to make an avatar. The answers were, to write an email marketing sequence that will speak to our customers. To write ads that will convert. To get them to subscribe to our email list and then eventually sell them our product once we have a large community.

After more digging, I learned they hadn't developed a product to sell to this avatar yet, but the immediate need was to liquidate old inventory.

You don't need an avatar to develop your product and you don't need one to liquidate your inventory. This is busy work that's keeping you from getting to the real work.

It's easy to get caught up in fancy marketing techniques, but you must remember that it's a distraction when you're first starting. If you need to develop your product, spend all your time and resources on product development and if it's good, the marketing will take care of itself for the most part and you will need little marketing kung fu. If you need to liquidate your inventory, slash the price of your product, and start offering it to anyone who wants to buy. Start posting it on online deal sites.