Slowly Automate Everything

May 2, 2019

What would happen if you steadily worked on automating as much of your life as possible? This is what I'm attempting to do.

I think I started doing this in a significant way, when I automated my finances in my early twenties. I wanted to setup a system that almost guaranteed, I'd be able to grow old and not worry about having enough money, so I set up automatic investing in my retirement accounts. Around this same time, people set up automatic rent and utility payments, but I think that's where most stop.

Now my approach is to stay aware of when my life hits a snag that could have been avoided by planning. That's a signal to me that something could be automated. An example is a car battery going out. How would I solve this problem? Sign up for roadside assistance with AAA, and next time your battery dies, call them. Do research on how often your battery is supposed to last, and set up a savings plan, so you know the money is there for when it goes out next time. Extrapolate this to all car issues that may happen.

Now imagine you've set up this system, and it's sometime in the future, 3 years have gone by. Your car battery goes out. Instead of it being a frustrating moment, you just execute the system you've already planned. You call AAA, they come to your car, replace the battery and you're back on your way.

I've started thinking about this more in depth, and I want to see how far I can push it - especially on the computer and tech side of things. I'll keep the blog updated with my findings. One I did recently was buy self watering planters for my plants, so I don't have to water them for months.

My feeling is that the benefits of investing the time and money in automation will be like compound interest. Imagine the hours saved over a lifetime. A big one for me this year was ending commuting to work. It probably saves me over 10 hours per week. That's over 500 hours per year; 26,000 hours over 50 years - 3 years of time saved. Compound interest worth more to me than any amount of money.

Get started by thinking about things that you do everyday that take up your time. Google how to automate them and spend a Sunday trying to do it. Also think about what worries you and automate it. Worried about forgetting to lock your front door? Automate it and enjoy the benefits of less worry in your life.